Belly Dance Hip Box Hip Squares Technique

Belly Dance Hip Box Hip Squares Technique

The hip box or hip square
Is an impressive looking belly dance technique / movement when executed properly with correct muscle control and recruitment.

In this video I will break the belly dance hip box down for you.
You may need to watch it a few times to grasp the concept.

Let's imagine we're doing the hip box starting at the left hip/ glute and going clockwise.
Firstly do a posture check:
Feet hip distance apart
Soft knees
Hips in neutral position
Abs activated
Chest lifted
Shoulders back and down.

Let's begin!
Step 1: squeeze left glute
Step2: do a 'pelvic tuck' engaging lower abs
Step 3: KEEP the lower an contraction AND add on the Right glute (by squeezing/ contracting it)
Step 4: release the hips to neutral.

Keep knees soft at all times
Keep heels on the floor
Don't tense up
Keep everything else still for maximum effect!!