Do this video for a strong, toned and flat belly! Strengthen the belly and muscles of the hips through belly dancing with me!

BELLY DANCE ABS FLAT STOMACH WORKOUT. Use my belly dance courses, tutorials and videos to tone up not only your abs, but your whole body!

In my school, Melissa Belly Dance, we learn how to dance from the inside out. Engaging all of our muscles, in turn toning and strengthening them. In addition to all of this we have tonnes of fun together, be that live on zoom, in the studio or during your videos in your online memberships.


Belly Dance For The Body And The Mind


Using belly dance as a way to stay fit and healthy is a great way to not only feel good, but to also look good! The dance is well known as belly dance, however, if you haven't already you will soon discover that you use your entire body! Furthermore it is a great mental workout that feeds our souls! Belly dance is essentially made up of different types of muscle contractions that create various shapes and movement. Did you know that belly dance is also a great workout for the brain and mind too? Not only does belly dance improve your memory but it also improves your coordination, motor skills and strength and balance! These are just a few of the benefits of learning to belly dance with me!

In this Belly dance abs flat stomach workout, we focus on our obliques, which are your waist line muscles. We also work on our balance, core strength and stability! If you like my tutorials feel free to tag me in your videos on social media! I'd love to see you dancing! In my school at the end of each term you also receive a certificate of completion. Collect 3 of these certificates and redeem them for specialist Melissa Belly Dance workshops. 

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