Mahira Belly Dance Company

What is Mahira?

Mahira Belly Dance Company is a London-based fusion dance company, led by Melissa Belly Dance.

Bringing together a diverse group of multi-skilled performers from around the globe, Mahira is not just a dance company, but a powerful sisterhood of like-minded, ambitious women.

mahira belly dance company

What is the atmosphere like?

Mahira is a family. We support each other to reach our full potential, both individually and as a company. All of our dancers have a growth-mindset, and our rehearsals are a safe space to provide honest feedback to each other in order to grow.

Rehearsal schedule

Mahira train at least once a week in Studio339. These weekly rehearsals are intense 3 hour sessions. We begin with conditioning, followed by revision of our repertoire and then learning new choreographies.

Additional rehearsals are scheduled for dancers who are performing in shows.

It is important to note that these rehearsals are not classes; all dancers are expected to have a dance practice outside of rehearsal hours. Mahira is a place for dedicated dancers to grow their confidence and performance skills, not a class to learn new techniques. Learn, clean and develop choreographies and stage sets at Mahira rehearsals. Also workshop ideas and dance sets with a group of like minded creative people.

We welcome dancers of all backgrounds and disciplines, however, it is essential that you are familiar with Melissa’s dance style and techniques, as these form the basis of all of our choreographies.

What can I expect from Mahira?

If you join Mahira Belly Dance Company, you can expect to:

  • Train hard, but have fun when doing so
  • Have performance opportunities
  • Increase your confidence (in both dance and other areas of your life!)
  • Become part of a family who will support you to achieve your goals

Sound like fun? 

Get started on your Mahira journey today by signing up to a course with Melissa!