The National Belly Dance Academy Festival (NBAF) has been running for 4 years and was created to not only connect leaders in belly dance with belly dancers who want to reach their full dancing potential but also to put those skills and countless hours of training towards something really magical in an epic theatre show that celebrates what it means to be a full blown belly dancing superstar!

Creating something like The National Belly Dance Academy Festival (NBAF), was important to me because amateur and professional dancers can struggle to find good people to learn new things from and correct bad habits. It can be challenging to find places to get inspiration. It can be difficult to find opportunities to benefit from the experience of others, not only in their chosen dance field but in other areas of dance. As a dancer we all want somewhere special to then show our talents and dance abilities to the world.

By providing a specifically tailored programme of workshops taught by a hand picked variety of elite dancers who are experts not only in their chosen fields, have a wide knowledge and understanding of the various elements of belly dance and dance fusions but are all master performers in their own right. You gain invaluable insight and training at a professional level. You get to share new ideas with like minded people and you get an opportunity to push yourself to the next level.

NBAF Hubris National Belly Dance Academy Festival
This Years Belly Dance Show "HUBRIS"
NBAF Darbuki National Belly Dance Academy Festival
Last Years Belly Dance Show "DARBUKI"

Ilaria Perra on this years NBAF says "Melissa is really a personal development coach as well as a belly dance expert. She knows our strengths, weaknesses and what we need even before we do. In my journey to becoming a professional dancer I knew NBAF was necessary to add to making that happen. The supportive and safe environment makes it a perfect place to perfect skills that bring out the best in our belly dance and I apply the personal development to aspects of life in general, I am having a great time doing NBAF".

Annie Prime also on this years NBAF " I have really seen the benefit of having a variety of dance mentors, I particularly enjoyed the Jazz sessions having never done Jazz before and seen its usefulness and influence on belly dancers dancing. Everyone is looking out for each other and the sharing of ideas and inspiration is amazing"

This years big show is titled, "HUBRIS"
A goddess falls from the sky… she has been betrayed. Watch the story unfold as she goes on an adventure of discovery, sacrifice and the truth of human nature.

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