Natural Alternative Relief From Menopause

Natural alternative relief from menopause is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
I am here to tell you from my experience teaching and dancing with women experiencing and preparing for the menopause that we have found excellent methods and exercises that offer a natural relief from menopause. For some women menopause is unnoticeable and they sail through it, I am here to help you take your life back if menopause is compromising your quality of life at home, work and with family.

I will continue to speak about and cover menopause offering help and advice using research and my own experience and expertise in other posts so if this is helpful to you or a loved one please share and look for my other posts too.

Symptoms Include :
Natural Alternative Relief From Menopause
•Hot flushes
•Night sweats
•Mood swings
•Memory lapses
•Light headedness
•Poor concentration
•Emotional symptoms
•Loss of Libido
•Panic disorders
•Weight gain
•Muscle tension

Women who have regularly attended my courses and classes; taken Belly Dance, Yoga and Pilates Terra Firma with me all agree they have seen an improvement in their quality of life.
Particularly women who are experiencing the menopause have found natural relief in the way of reduced or no more reoccurring migraines, headaches, improvement in there sleep patterns, managing hot flushes and even experiencing a reduction in them, improvements in body regulation, increased libido, relief from depression along with greater self confidence and a more positive attitude they feel empowered and take control.


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Changes in your hormone levels may cause you to gain weight. However, aging can also contribute to weight gain.

Exercising and developing your flexibility, through training and practices can effectively tone you up keep the weight off and reduce the aches and pains of ageing.

Natural Alternative Relief From Menopause

Learning choreography and dance or movement sequences has proved to be valuable to my students and those I teach in my classes as this helps to maintain and even increase concentration levels improving memory function.

Breathing exercises in my courses and lessons offer significant help when applying them to mood swings, anxiety attacks and panic disorders.  Also, I have been told by my regular class attendees and students that the increase in serotonin and dopamine levels they experience in class reduces the frequency of these episodes and has improved the quality of their relationships at home, work and with friends and family.


I have Daytime and Evening classes available look at my timetable or class listings to find something for you.


I recommend women experiencing menopause should consult their doctor and there are also groups and websites dedicated in assisting you through this transition.

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