Melissa Belly Dance is an amazing and gifted  belly dance performer and teacher based in London, UK. She is known for her great ability to adapt her teaching methods to many different learning styles while making them fun, safe and technically correct.   Belly dance classes are a great challenge, builds your fitness, tones you up, improves your confidence and is very empowering.

She believes meaningful change happens over time, with consistency and positive reinforcement, along with enjoyment and personal support.  Her courses reflect this investment in yourself and are structured in once-a-week 12 week courses that build on your progress and reflect your own commitment to a "best version of you".  She believes health and fitness is not a fad or a drop in session.  

Belly Dance Classes

Whether you want to learn to belly dance safely and correctly from an expert or get fit with a belly dance work out, you can expect both delivered to the highest standards. She teaches Belly Dance classes from Beginners all the way to Advanced and Professional along with Turkish Belly Dance, Drum Solo, Ori Polynesia - Tahitian Dance, and her own original belly dance fusion creations now copied by others: "Latin Belly Dance Hip Hop & Samba, Tribal From The Trap, Belly Dance Jam Fest, Femme Feline and Belly Dance Chakra Fusion."  

Students Show

She puts on a student theatre styled storylined show at the end of her courses to celebrate and display all the fun, learning and the journey her pupils have been on during their 12 week belly dance course which is not only exciting to get involved in but extremely entertaining to watch.   To find out more check out the rest of her website to get details on her classes and courses, take a free class  with her from home watching one of her free videos or sign up to her free belly dance taster workshops and dance with her in person!


Melissa's credits include : The 5 O'clock Show with Lenny Henry, Sadie Frost. Also, BBC2's Strictly Come Dancing It Takes 2, BBC3’s Don't Tell the Bride. She has been a featured performer at the Asian Music Awards, Zee Cine awards & Nike. She has also featured in a Hip-hop fitness DVD, 'Hip Hop Body' and also has 2 DVD's of her own!

Melissa has 2 DVD'S out now:

belly dance classes

Belly Dance Essentials and Belly Dance Hip-hop Fusion

As a professional belly dancer Melissa has made her mark captivating and inspiring the world.

As a teacher she is well known for her approach and teaching methods with a reputation of making you sweat!

Melissa's unique style, radiant performances and dynamic choreography have earned her a positive reputation and an ever growing following. She is well known for her energy, charisma and passion for what she does best!