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Beginner Belly Dance Class Shimmy Workout

Beginner Belly Dance Class Shimmy WorkoutBeginners Belly Dance Class | Your Doing This WRONG, Now do this! | Belly Dance Shimmy - Choo Choo Professional beginners Belly Dance Technique class on a belly dance shimmy workout | Learn fast - fun - free Online subscription...

Tribal Fusion Classes

Tribal Fusion Classes Tribal fusion classes are a secret underworld society. Sultry, seductive, dark and very sexy. Learn Tribal Fusion belly dance from the most creative and mesmerising enchantress. Push yourself to your dancing limits. Join Melissa and be part of...

Belly Dance Lessons 5 Common Mistakes

5 Common Mistakes When Choosing Belly Dance Lessons I wish I could have found an article like this when I was researching for my belly dance journey, maybe saved myself a lot of time. When choosing belly dance lessons there is a lot to think about. Consequently...


The National Belly Dance Academy Festival (NBAF) has been running for 4 years and was created to not only connect leaders in belly dance with belly dancers who want to reach their full dancing potential but also to put those skills and countless hours of training...

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