Without a doubt tribal fusion belly dance arms are stunningly beautiful. However, they can be a challenge to do if you are have not learnt the important details. Watch my "Belly Dance Classes | Tribal Shoulder Isolation's For Sidewinders | For Better Technique" tutorial, or better still come and dance with us!

Here in this tutorial we look a tribal shoulder isolation's for beautiful Sidewinders. Essentially, it is important to understand that with tribal fusion belly dance it's understanding and applying the smallest of details. This in turn makes all the difference to the aesthetics of the dance! As well as lot's of other great tribal fusion arms and moves some of which are signature to Tribal From The Trap, I teach you how to do these properly in my classes. Furthermore, we cover those itsy bitsy tiniest of details that truly enhance your dancing, understanding and technique

 What's In This Melissa BellyDance Tribal Shoulder Isolations Tutorial?

In this Melissa Belly Dance tutorial we take a look at some key shoulder isolation's. These isolation's have a great impact on your not only your sidewinders but also belly dance snake arms.


Tribal From The Trap Tribal Fusion Belly Dance


Join Melissa's Tribal Belly Dance From The Trap classes which are a new, unique and original style of tribal fusion. Feminine yet masculine, powerful yet graceful, Fluid yet strong. Come and find your own inner Trap Queen and learn to move in ways you never thought you could!


Melissa Belly Dance Tribal Fusion Classes - grow, flourish And SHINE In a safe, supportive and nurturing environment

Melissa Belly Dance provides an nourishing, supportive and safe environment in which you feel comfortable and excited to both excel and shine! You will also be encouraged to find your own soul and spirit within your dance. Melissa really helps you to develop this and guides you through with helpful dance exercises.


Melissa Belly Dance really believes that consistency is one of the biggest keys to success in anything you do in life. Due to this philosophy, Melissa provides access to the class recordings to all students who sign up to her bellydance courses. This means that you can log in to her website and practice as much as you like for the duration of the course. Alternatively, simply log in at anytime for a quick workout! Do you need to miss a class? No problem! Simply watch the class recording to catch up if you like!



Reap the rewards of learning tribal fusion belly dance with Melissa Belly Dance! Not only will you receive a special personalised E-certificate at the end of each term, but redeem them against specialist workshops! Collect 3 belly dance certificates from 3 different terms and contact her to book your place on a special workshop, after all, you earnt it!



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In my school at the end of each term you receive a certificate of completion. Collect 3 of these certificates and redeem them for specialist Melissa Belly Dance workshops!




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