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Dark Tribal - Tribal Fusion Belly Dance with Melissa BellyDance.

Find yourself falling sweetly deeper into the darker side of the belly dance realm

For the intermediate to advanced tribal fusion belly dancer, students with belly dance level 2+ experience, and those who have completed Melissa's tribal fusion level1 belly dance course. Tribal Belly Dance From The Trap classes are a new, exciting and original style of tribal fusion created by Melissa BellyDance.

Well known for her challenging techniques and her adaptable teaching methods,  Melissa will help you find your inner dark and swaggy Trap Queen!

Melissa's Tribal From The Trap style is full of super sass, power, strength, femininity and cat like hybrid movements. In Tribal Fusion, learn to cut some serious shapes with your body as you enter an internal world full of unstoppable and powerful masculine and feminine energies. Discover how to harness these energies within your movement, your muscles and your tribal fusion belly dance technique.

This style incorporates all of the traditional and non-tradition tribal fusion technique along with lot's of Melissa’s unique and signature moves. In this class we dance to fresh and modern dark tribal style music and rhythms giving this style a very hard edge with a sultry sexy vibe.

The course covers Tribal fusion style strength training, tribal style floor work, and tribal fusion style hip and body work. Learn to layer your movements like a BOSS as well as learning how to move like water! Build on fluidity of isolation’s and snake like movements with serious attitude and internal control.  Develop an enhanced core strength leading to deeper internal and hybrid movement.


Dark tribal fusion will not only work up a sweat but will also give you a strong base in muscle isolation and technique. We also cover in-depth technique and drills, including the famous "sidewinder," and Tribal fusion style snake arms. 

You will discover muscles you never knew you had, and train them in the way of a tribal belly dancer, giving you a brilliant mind-body connection as you become sinuous and serpentine in your body. Burn serious calories in the drills and techniques section, train your brain whilst learning new isolation’s, and have fun whilst dedicating time to your darker more seductive side!

A great deep and internal workout!!!


Melissa's tribal fusion belly dance classes are challenging, fun and full of creative ways of moving and creating amazing shapes within YOUR body. Discover what works for YOU, and how YOU like to move. Learn the how's and the why's behind the movement and how to embody it.

Melissa will personally teach you all of her tips and advice, as well as her secrets to achieve the seductive and animalistic look behind Dark Tribal.

Not only will you enhance your musicality and belly dance isolation technique, but you will also learn how match the texture of the music. Additionally, learn how to dance from the inside out, which is a key concept within the Melissa Belly Dance School.


Melissa is famous for her incredible ability to teach "anyone" how to dance! She tailors her teaching to YOU and YOUR needs. All of this whilst using a wide variety of teaching methods to ensure that everybody learns in her classes. Subsequently, you will learn fast, safely and effectively, with professional technique.

Really learn to ‘dance’ and ‘perform’ with your belly dance techniques and push through your own boundaries. Melissa believes that you can and should never stop learning. Therefore, you will continue to reach new heights in your abilities and your tribal fusion technique!

Melissa Bellydance provides a safe and supportive environment in which you feel comfortable and excited to both flourish and shine! You will also be encouraged to find your own soul and spirit within your dance. Melissa really helps you with this and guides you through with ease. 

Sweat, strengthen your core, boost your metabolism, tone up and discover and evolve and shine!


Within the Dark Tribal Fusion belly dance course Melissa provides lot's of options. In addition to this Melissa's key and signature stylisations and variations are also offered to suit all abilities and levels within the class. You will be supported, looked after and taken care of on your belly dance journey. Classes with Melissa Belly Dance are always nourishing, uplifting, motivating and empowering!

This Dark Tribal Fusion dance classes will not only work up a great sweat, they will be sure to work you from the inside out!  In addition to this Melissa will not only give you lot's of personalised feedback, top tips and advice, but she will also teach you her unique method and philosophy which achieves great RESULTS with each and every student!

The time flies by in Melissa's classes, and you will always leave smiling!


All of Melissa's tribal fusion belly dance and belly dance classes will offer a fun and feminine workout. Dark Tribal  courses combine the following:

  • Warm ups
  • Dark Tribal - tribal fusion style strength training
  • Tribal fusion belly dance Technique and drills
  • Muscle isolation development
  • combinations and choreography
  • Dark Tribal - tribal fusion style layering
  • Fun key exercises
  • Dark Tribal fusion floor work
  • Hair work - (hair-ography!) - unique Tribal From The Trap style
  • Tribal fusion arm work including Melissa's signature style and the famous "Sidewinder"
  • Tribal Fusion belly dance stylisation
  • Melissa Belly Dance Tribal Fusion unique and signature moves from Tribal Fusion
  • Cool downs
  • And lot's more related to the terms particular theme and concepts!

It is extremely important to Melissa that you not only have fun in her classes, but that you also learn something new in each and every class. Therefore you will make lot's of progress over the term. Because of this Melissa's students grow and progress with her throughout the levels and the array of styles she has to offer. Many students take the same level and class more than once.

This is because no 2 courses with Melissa BellyDance are ever the same! Furthermore, each term has it's own unique concepts, themes, techniques and choreographies. Because of this, with Melissa you will never stop learning and improving in your dancing and development!



Join our social media groups (optional), meet your class mates and ask Melissa questions. Melissa also uses these groups to provide optional homework and share class music, and relevant class content. 


Melissa's students call her classes "soul food!"

Belly dancing tribal fusion with Melissa is likely to become a healthy addiction! You will indeed discover muscles you never knew you had. Additionally you will train them in the way of a tribal fusion belly dancer. This will also tone your body and provide you with a brilliant mind-body connection, creating harmony within. Strengthen and unleash your hips, find your inner goddess, and learn to move with grace and fluidity. 

By belly dancing with Melissa you will see noticeable improvements in your posture, burn some serious calories, train your brain whilst learning new dance moves, and have fun dedicating time to your physical and mental health.  

See you in class!


The 5 O’clock Show with Lenny Henry, Sadie Frost, Punjabi MC, Akon, Alabina Ishtar, Urban Music Awards, BBC2’s Strictly Come Dancing It Takes 2, BBC3’s Don’t Tell the Bride.
She has been a featured performer at the Asian Music Awards, Zee Cine awards & Nike. She also has 2 DVD’s of her own!

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