Belly Dance Level 1

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Belly Dance Level 1 

Welcome to my school! Belly dance level1 is for for the complete beginner and improver.

Learn the basics, fundamentals and essentials of belly dance with Melissa BellyDance. You will, without a doubt, have a lot of fun and laughs in her encouraging classes. Not only will you discover level 1 belly dance isolation’s, pop's lock's and shimmies, but you will also find your inner beauty. Belly dance classes with Melissa are a great workout and will leave you smiling after each class!




Level 1 belly dance offers lot's of variations instructed by Melissa to suit all abilities and levels. You will be looked after, supported and taken care of on your belly dance journey. Classes are nourishing, uplifting and motivating!

Belly dance beginners and improvers will not only work up a sweat but will also give you a strong base in muscle isolation and technique. You will quickly learn the basics and put them into practice in fun combinations and choreography. In addition to this Melissa will not only give you lot's of personal feedback, tips and advice, but she will also teach you her unique method and philosophy. 

Melissa is well known for her ability to teach "anyone" how to dance! She tailors her teaching to YOU, using a wide variety of teaching methods to ensure everybody learns in her classes. Subsequently, you will learn fast, safely and effectively, with professional technique. The time flies by in class, and you will always leave smiling!




All of Melissa's belly dance classes will offer a fun and feminine workout combining the following:


  • Warm ups
  • Technique and drills
  • Combinations and Choreography
  • Fun exercises
  • Arm work
  • Stylisation
  • Melissa belly dance signature moves
  • Cool Downs
  • And lot's more related to specific themes and concepts!

It is extremely important to Melissa that you not only have fun in her classes, but that you also learn something new in each class, and make progress over the term. Subsequently, Melissa's students grow and progress with her throughout the levels and the array of styles she has to offer. Many students take the same level and class more than once. This is because no 2 courses are the same! Furthermore, each term has it's own unique theme, concept, techniques and choreography. Because of this, with Melissa you will never stop growing and improving in your dancing and development!



Join our social media groups (optional), meet your class mates and ask Melissa questions. Melissa also uses these groups to provide optional homework and share class music, and relevant class content. 



Melissa's students call her classes "soul food!" Belly dancing with Melissa is likely to become a healthy addiction! You will indeed discover muscles you never knew you had, and train them in the way of a belly dancer. This will also tone your body and provide you with a brilliant mind-body connection. Strengthen and unleash your hips, find your inner goddess, and learn to move with grace and fluidity. 

Dancing with Melissa you will see noticeable improvements in your posture, burn serious calories, train your brain whilst learning new dance moves, and have fun dedicating time to your physical and mental health.  

See you in class!

Belly Dance Level 1 is great for the
complete beginner and those with some experience

Melissa provides varying levels of difficulty to suit all students needs.

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