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Belly Dance Level 3

In Melissa’s Belly dance advanced Level 3 courses Learn travelling steps and foot patterns, focus on creating more 3D isolation’s and contractions.

We will make your movements more internal and more precise while learning the most advanced of the belly dance steps.  

Focus on tying it all together, prepare to push yourself in a challenging yet fun course that focuses on your development as a Belly Dancer.

Begin to hone in on the art of ‘layering’ (multiple techniques and isolation’s happening at the same time)   The wide base of movement vocabulary you will now know from level 1 to level 3 will now allow you to learn more complex and varied drills and combinations from smooth and flowy techniques to pops and locks with precision and power. Detox your body, train your brain, stimulate your femininity and sweat a
way the stresses of the week!

Dance to upbeat Middle Eastern tunes, Popular culture chart music and Alternastive beats to tests your belly dance skills.  Continue to learn the ‘fluid’ side of belly dance, bending and flowing to more enticing music as you challenge yourself and build a deeper mind and body connection. Sweat, strengthen your core, boost your metabolism, tone up and discover!

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