APRIL 2013
BELLY DANCE UNCOVERED ARTWelcome to Melissa Belly Dance Abs work out for a leaner, flatter, toned stomach in my 3rd edition of the Belly Dance Uncovered Newsletter.
We uncover some fun and creative ways of working on our core strength, conditioning our abs, and flattening our tummies for summer whilst developing our belly dance technique at the same time! Exciting news, belly dance and belly dancing goodies!
  • Belly dance news - lots of exciting news this month! See below!

  • Spotlight on core strength, abdominal exercises and belly dance abs - including FREE video tutorial!

  • Interview with a student

  • FREE online class video!

For this 3rd edition we interview one of my students Becky, who shares her belly dance experiences with you all, we talk about belly dance and core stability in this editions Spotlight, take FREE taster classes with me, AND  put your stamina to the test in a belly dance core stability and abs workout  challenge (accompanied by an online video tutorial)!

Belly Dance News!

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About Melissa BellyDance:
Melissa has been running belly dance teacher training programmes for quite some time, with many students now teaching their own belly dance classes both in the UK and abroad.

Before becoming a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer Melissa worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and fitness expert.

Melissa has been teaching dance at the most reputable and sought after studios in and around London and instructs her classes with a wealth of knowledge, experience and dedication to her students learning and enjoyment.

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In this edition of my Belly dance Uncovered Newsletter we take a look at core stability, abdominal workouts and how we can achieve both core strength and a bikini tummy through the art of belly dance! I have created a fun belly dance themed abs workout that not only works on your core strength and your abs but also works on developing your belly dance technique!

Result?? stronger leaner bellydancers and wait for it . a belly dancer beach body!!! Because belly dancers have curves in all the right places and a belly dancer that engages her muscles properly whilst practicing the art of belly dance has abs to die for!

I mean take a look at the famous Rachel Brice This girl has core strength for days and could probably put any fitness fanatic or Olympian to shame. See image below:


This is a prime example of how core strength and belly dance can easily be intertwined depending on your approach to your belly dance practice.

I am a strong believer that core stability and beautiful abs can be achieved through belly dance having witnessed the results not only in myself but also in my students. I regularly use belly dance style core stability and abdominal exercises in my belly dance classes and my own personal belly dance regime. The effects are amazing!

So first things first

What is core stability?

"Typically, the core is associated with the abdominal muscles groups and stability is associated with isometric or static strength. However in actuality, the core consists of the abdominal muscles groups (transverse abdominis, internal obliques, external obliques, rectus abdominis), hip abductors/ adductors, hip flexors, and lumbar spine. In addition, it is lumbar spine that is primarily responsible for posture and stability providing the strength needed for stability especially utilized in dynamic sports ."

( The muscles listed and mentioned above are all muscles of the torso)


So as you can see these core stability muscles are the EXACT muscles we use and recruit whilst belly dancing! So if we were to engage these muscles properly whilst dancing we would most definitley be working our core, let alone the specific key core moves and belly dance core stability workout I'm about to share with you all!!

Aren't you lucky?!

What are the benefits of core strength training in general and for belly dancers?

  • Greater efficiency of movement
  • Stronger back
  • Reduced back pain
  • Improved body control and balance
  • Increased power output from both the core musculature and peripheral muscles such as the shoulders, arms and legs
  • Can assist in better posture through stronger stabilising core muscles that 'hold you up'
  • Reduced risk of injury (the core muscles act as shock absorbers for jumps and rebounds etc.)
  • Improved balance and stability
  • Enables you to achieve the more advanced of belly dance techniques such as zippers/ laybacks/ turkish drops/ floor work ect.
  • more control over your body whilst dancing
  • Improved dance performance! Be that on stage or in the dance studio!

tumblr_l678qn0RoF1qcn37ao1_500[1](Rachel Brice)

A weak core generally = a less stable body,  a weak back, back pain and makes you more susceptible to injuries.

"Weak or poorly controlled core muscles have been associated with low back pain. The back muscles are responsible for movements such as extension and flexion of the spine and rotation of the trunk.

Excessive or uneven shock on the spine may lead to back problems. This may be exaggerated because weak core muscles lead to improper positioning or a forward tilt. In many exercises that use the back muscles, the abdominal muscles contract isometrically stabilizing the body.

The stronger and more correctly balanced the core muscles are, the less the uneven strain on the spine".


How can belly dance strengthen my core, tone my Abs and burn calories?

There is a long lasting myth that if you do lots of ab crunches alone you'll get a flat stomach and a ripped 6 pack


You need to do a variety of exercise that targets the core. Sit ups alone won't burn belly fat. Think of it as a holistic view.

So if we were to simply look at the exercise part alone we could say that belly dancing covers the fitness side that gets the heart rate pumping, burns calories, builds up a sweat, tones our muscles ect (this part is what helps to burn fat and shed pounds when done at the right intensity) and by combining core exercises we are are targeting our core muscles, building strength and definition as the 'belly dance' is a dance of the torso which directly works the core muscles when they are recruited and engaged during belly dance techniques.

Now that we have covered what the 'core' is and why it's important lets look at the 'how to'

There are many ways of 'how to' and my video below is one fun way for you to build your core strength and work on your abdominal muscles based on a belly dance theme with belly dance techniques.

Follow this link below to watch my belly dance abs and core workout video.

Remember: Be sure to your own warm up prior to participating in the video.

By watching and participating in these videos you agree that Melissa is not responsible for any injuries to yourself, always check with your doctor before participating in any exercise. Melissa 2012



Allow me to introduce you to Becky. Becky has trained with me since level 1, has worked her way up through all of the levels and has also taken Polynesian Fusion and Urban Tribal Fusion with me. Becky shares her experiences with you all below,

here is what she has to say……

What made you get into belly dance initially?

It was quite by random actually! My company offers a personal allowance every year for employees to participate in a course that is specifically non-work related. I'd seen belly dance courses advertised at the local dance studio and thought I'd give it a try. I have never looked back since.

Is your perception of belly dance different to what it was when you first started?

Yes, I think it is. The only exposure I'd ever had was of the stereotypes I'd seen in pictures or on TV or film so that was what I expected. What I've learned since then is that that is only the tip of the iceberg. Melissa incorporates such a variety of fusion work, as well as teaching us about various muscle groups and how to correctly use and layer them. It's so much more technical than I had thought but also so much more rewarding.

You’ve been a student of Melissa’s for quite some time. Why would you say you chose her as your teacher and what do you enjoy about her classes?

Melissa was not my first belly dance teacher. I initially tried a different class about a month before and the lesson involved less dancing and more 'floating' around the room. I left the class disappointed and wondering if that was really what belly dance was?! Undeterred, I decided to try another class and within the first five minutes I knew that this was what I'd been looking for. Right from the start Melissa was enthusiastic, energetic, encouraging and challenged us. Four years later and I still feel the same. She never fails to bring something new and exciting to class. Her enthusiasm never wavers (I believe this may be due to the haribo she eats) and she always makes time to answer any queries we have or advice we need for a choreography or particular move. She makes each person within the class feel as if they are a valued member which is an amazing quality.

Have you noticed any changes in yourself since belly dancing with Melissa?

As a person who has always suffered from low self-esteem and little confidence I cannot describe how much belly dance has helped me. From the feeling of being absolutely petrified in my first end of term show to now where I can go up on stage regularly and smile throughout a performance, it's definitely been a journey, and not always easy, but it's been one that I really value in my life.

And not only is it good for confidence, its also good for toning muscles and losing weight and it's been a fantastic way of meeting new people and making friends. It has given me a place to belong.

Has belly dancing taught you anything? If so what?.

Its taught me about myself and has allowed me to grow as a person as well as a dancer. I can now do things that I would never have believed possible a few years ago. I can perform in front of thousands of people, I can layer four different parts of the body during routines, I can spend hours or days going over choreography and still enjoy what I'm doing at the end. It's even given me an appreciation for Arabic music that I'd never even heard of before I started!
Whats the biggest challenge you’ve come across Learning to belly dance?
The biggest challenge, as I've mentioned was the performance side of it. Having a room full of people staring at you is not the easiest thing to do! What I have learned though is that the more you do this the easier it becomes. What also helps is knowing that youre dancing with friends and the support that is there on stage with you is incredible. It almost creates a feeling of security in an otherwise scary environment!

I find also, as I'm sure most people have, that it is enormously frustrating to be taught a move in class and not be able to master it. It's been a challenge to learn to allow myself to fail multiple times before I can grasp a move and not to become frustrated with myself when I hit these barriers!

Has belly dance helped you in any way? If so how?

It has helped my confidence, my patience with myself through failure, made me more aware of my body and what I'm capable of achieving.
How has belly dance enriched your life?

Ultimately, its given me something in my life that I truly love doing. Id do it all day every day if I had the chance!!

What are your top 3 favourite things about belly dance?

1 - learning and mastering new moves and techniques, the challenge of it.

2 - spending time doing what I love with people who I love to be with and losing all troubles and worries of the outside world for that time. It's like being in a happy bubble!

3 - performing choreographies and seeing all our hard work pay off as well as building my own confidence with each performance.
Any other comments or thing's you'd like to share?
Everyone should give belly dance a go at least once in their lives!!


And that wraps up the 3rd edition of Belly Dance Uncovered with me, Melissa Belly Dance!


Take a free 1 hour belly dance class with Melissa online!

Before you get started be sure to wear something comfortable that you can move in and have some water nearby! Your going to sweat!


Melissa BellyDance