Belly dance shimmy, shimmies and shimmy layering.
Playful, cheeky, fast, furious, relentless, fun, mischievous
There are many ways to shimmy, and many ways to approach a belly dance shimmy.
A shimmy speaks a thousand words, and so we can tell various tales and depict a variety of emotions through our movements.
From romance to energetic vigour, mischievous to flirtatious and the tantalising to the delicate.

When done properly Shimmies are a great way of releasing tension and getting the blood flowing.
Shimmies, when done for a long enough period of time and at the right intensity (varies from person to person) can also be very stress relieving!

There are many types of shimmies and possibilities to shimmy layering.
(layering other shimmies or muscular based belly dance techniques on top of a shimmy).
Some types of shimmies require more co ordination than others - really testing your brain and cognitive fuctions!

There are shimmies and layers for all levels of dancers.